Television ARTE Noveau Siege

Strasbourg, France

Embedded in one of Europe’s richest cultural landscapes, the building has been developed from a clear rectangular structure as a uniquely landscaped cosmos. A “valley” formed by the terraced office stories extends from the entry area throughout the building, and provides multiple possibilities for insight and outlook for employees, guests and the company’s creative people.
The various levels of the floor plan move from the clear rectangular foundation toward the free emotional shape of the top stories. The resulting dynamics provides the structure with a vibrant charisma. Our conceptual approach involves addressing the abstractions of shape, time and culture. The façade structure is like an exhibition shelf in which individual users give life to the spaces by means of self-selected sunscreens and Venetian blinds, visible from the outside. The living patchwork of various materials, textures and services creates an individual atmosphere, like a randomly planted seeding tray, which lends the building an air of freedom, and a playful component.
The three terraces are planted with domestic strains of white wine, which provide ARTE with an annual production of approx. 500 liters. This too is a homage to the landscape, and to the sensual aspect of the project and of the architecture.