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Areal an der Eichstraße, Stuttgart

Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart
approx. 14.500 m2
approx. 21 Mio. €
Oliver Kühn

The new building fits into the surroundings like a piece of a puzzle. Existing spatial edges are taken up and woven into a comprehensive whole. In that way, pleasant exterior spaces are created for passers-by, and urban-living spaces are successfully extended into Stuttgart’s Hans-im-Glück Quarter, which is thereby enlivened. The new building appears natural in the context in which it mediates in terms of both scale and proportion between the City Hall and the old town.
Crafted with the precision of a workpiece, the new building does without loud gestures. Its street lines open the space up and reflect it, creating a subtle movement which takes passers-by with it, to the entryways.
Stone, wood, glass and green space are the defining elements of this building.
Above the entry level, bands of polished stone structure the building, and on the corners, staggered elements in a large-scale format combine the play of lines to a whole. The façade is incorporated into the bands.  Elements as high as rooms, of wood toward the inside, allow light to enter deep into the offices, while the venetian blinds shade out the direct sunlight.
Inside is a pleasantly proportion three-story courtyard open toward the top. That permits the creation of terraces in front of the offices, usable for a discussion with colleagues or a coffee break.
Above the third upper story is a penthouse level, in front of which a terrace extends in the form of a large wooden deck. It is open to employees as free space, usable for team meetings in the fresh air, or for lunch breaks.