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The New Head Office Building of the Premiere AG

Premiere AG
approx. 40.000 m2
Oliver Kühn

The figure of the building is simple and clearly legible: two three-storey combshaped structures are logically connected, and united in an atrium. The comb-shapes mediate between the landscape and the built form; generous garden courts allow light and nature to flow into the working world.
The Executive Board area is unique – it floats above the central area like a shining pane above the offices and the atrium, and stakes out Premiere’s claim to a prominent position in the media landscape of Germany.
Even from a distance, Premiere’s presence in the urban environment is evident. At the highest point of the site, a media stele points clearly to the new head office. Visitors and employees enter the ensemble via an expansive plaza, “Premiere Platz.” For major events, up to 1000 people can exclusively enjoy Premiere open air. From the plaza, one moves on to the great atrium – the space of Premiere, its central event and access space. Like rows in a theater, the galleries of the upper storeys stack up around the atrium, small booths which permit occupants to follow Premiere – or merely the life in the atrium – undisturbed. The stage to which all eyes are directed is the Premiere Box, a unique media space floating in the atrium, the interior of which is reminiscent of an exclusive theatre, while three sides of the exterior serve as large projection screens for Premiere. The Premiere Box is not static. Inside it, in the atrium and in the forecourt, hundreds of people can experience a Premiere Highlight, immediately and simultaneously.
The structure of the building is economical, rational and very flexible. All nonoffice areas are located on the ground floor on the west side, and can be separately accessed from ZDF-Strasse.
The offices are all lit by daylight and ventilated naturally, and provide high workplace quality. Generous terraces in front of the offices are available to the employees. Here, they can hold outdoor team meetings, take breaks or have conversations.
The floor levels and all program functions are connected with one another efficiently through the atrium via bridges and stairways, and well accessed via four sets of elevators. The executive area is also closely connected with the employee offices; two elevators and two staircases provide this access. As an option for optimal usage of the site, the concept allows for a second construction segment in the northeast of the building, with approx. 2800 sq. m. of gross floor space. This expansion can be realized at a later point in time with no significant disturbance of operations.