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AUDI AG - Transmissions and Emissions Center, Ingolstadt

Audi AG
approx. 28.500 m2
approx. 25,5 Mio. €
Oliver Kühn

Expressing innovative automobile technology in terms of architecture was the objective when designing the new Audi Ltd Gearbox and Emissions Centre in Ingolstadt: a complex room scheme concentrated in a compact building. Different areas such as testing stands, laboratories and garages had to be closely linked with administration areas and offices without interfering with one another. The elegance and efficiency of Audi’s aluminium gearbox was to find its equivalent in architecture.
The result was a hybrid building representating an efficient and designconscious corporate culture where “Blue Collar“ and “White Collar“ areas are coordinated as equals and in harmony.
The building diagram is clear and simple. All the technical departments are situated in the base unit. .Then there is a two-level ring construction with offices, its dynamic shape projecting beyond the actual building structure. In between these two areas, the massive building technology is accommodated with a large outdoor terrace as a special place for communication intended to improve synergies within the company.
The design for these different elements is modelled on contemporary automobile technology: the bodywork is made of large silvery-white metal panels covering the base unit and the ring, precise horizontal aluminium louvers resemble the cylinder of an engine just like those developed and tested in this very building.
Visually striking and efficient, this is not merely an industrial building; it is a precious workpiece representing the innovative corporate culture of Audi.