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GWM - Great Wall Motor Headquarters, Baoding, China

Great Wall Motor Company Ltd.
approx. 220.000 m2
approx. 220 Mio. €
Oliver Kühn

In Baoding, about two hours south of Peking, GKK+ Architects are planning a second extensive research and development center for the automobile industry, commissioned by Great Wall Motors and designed according to BAIC and GAEI standards.
In this project, all building structures will be erected that the company needs to develop new and exciting prototypes, down to the last detail. It thus includes the administration, extensive research and development facilities, and exhibition and conference areas, and a cafeteria and sport facilities for the company employees.
The plan is clearly structured, and, through the arrangement of the functions, enables the combination of both representation and administration on the one hand and industrial work and research on the other into a structure. Starting in 2014, some 6000 engineers will be working in modern offices, design studios and testing areas, developing the company’s new series of automobiles and bringing them to series production, embedded in a carefully designed landscape.