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Treasure Development, Nanning

United Development Group
approx. 80.000 m2
Oliver Kühn
Peter Irmscher
Ania Pilarska

The design for the Treasure Development marries both maximum monetary success for the United Development Group and a minimum of uniformity for the end user. In this sense, the scheme provides a very high density and at the same time a strong individual image both for the towers as well as for the apartments - everybody can recognize his apartment already from the street!
The masterplan for Treasure Development is simple and clear:
A two storey base with commercial use for shops and restaurants sets a clear frame around the site. The shops have goods access from Dongge Road in the south and from Fei Feng Road in the east.
Towards the west a pleasant green pocket park is opening up and provides with a swimming pool and sports facilities various leisure opportunities.
Underneath the base and accessed from the west, a two level basement parking allows for some 25.000 m² for parking places. On top of this base four elegant towers are situated such that no tower is blocking the long views from another – so every apartment has a pleasant long view over Nanning. Designed on a rational column grid the outline of each floor plate is jumping in and out. This very simple but effective modification generates great value added: if it jumps out by 2 metres, a large cantilevering bay window makes the apartment unique. Where it jumps in, a large balcony, terrace or loggia is generated and makes a unique selling point.