With their innovative and award-winning building concepts from Germany to France, from the Emirates to China GKK+Architects are considered mayor representatives of a new and open-minded architecture. Their sustainable and highly efficient buildings are carefully integrated into the urban environment, and convey an image of precision and transparency, and of beauty of form and material.
The scope of their internationally highly renowned work ranges from high-rise towers, and headquarters building through buildings for the aviation industry and major railway stations to exhibition halls, museums and operas.

Office Philosophy

GKK+Architects pursue an ecological, transparent and energy-conscious architecture. Multidisciplinary teamwork and networked thinking allow us to find several options tailored to different solutions in a very short time. Using state of the art materials and new technology their buildings emanate openness, precision and lightness.

Major expertise:

- architecture and design on state-of-the-art level
- realization of innovative building concepts
- multidisciplinary teamwork in an integrated design team
- integration of contemporary art in architecture

Main fields of activities:

- architecture and design
- master planning and urban design
- general planning
- interior design and product design