BioTechPark Charlottenburg

Berlin, Germany

The Masterplan for this new BioTechPark in Berlin was designed to allow for a sustainable and cost efficient redevelopment of an existing mixed use area into an integrated, green and innovative life science business park. The concept allows for easy phasing, as needed.
The urban concept makes use of existing buildings and street patterns and completes them with new buildings and new infrastructure into a logical new form.
A new public space forms the heart of the new development. Like a windmill, the new streets fan around the central space and provide good orientation and good access to all buildings.
The development is arranged in four quarters each with its own parking and individual landscape design.
The new buildings provide modern offices and laboratory areas as well as main frame computing centers and central amenities. The overriding intention was to establish a sustainable green, jet urban environment and at the same time to provide as much flexibility for future development as possible.
Only two years after establishing the masterplan the first buildings are completed.