Munich, Germany

The Neuturm Quarter on the lot of the former FINA parking garage is planned as a high-value architectural ensemble designed to upgrade the entire neighborhood between Talstraße and Maximilianstraße by means of its new urban square, numerous access connections, and an attractive array of uses.
First, an impressive building is to be built on Neuturmstraße. With its deep floor plans, it promises to be ideal for use as a hotel and for large city apartments.
The second building is planned as a classical residential building, with offices planned only for the first upper story. In its height and volume, it is to be oriented toward the building across the street on Hochbrückenstraße, so that here too, a comprehensive picture will emerge. Both buildings on the square have flat roofs, as do other buildings in the area. The buildings on the square will now constitute an ensemble which is to be experienced as the Neuturm Quarter. Fittingly planned into the surroundings, they look like siblings, each with its own independent expression and character, yet related.