A smart office desk for WINI

Marienau, Germany

If a desk was a smart object like for example a smart phone, what would it have to provide? What would it have to be able to do, in order to truly simplify desk work and amongst other functions replace the tangle of wires and devices?
It would certainly have to be more than a desk. Our solution to these questions is a well-conceived technological system with a frame that integrates in-house equipment, and is interactively connected with the office via the desktop.
The basic functions can be solved in the classical way: the height can be adjusted simply by pressing a button – ergonomically and comfortably to control.
Additional to the classical approach of the problem of a smart desk, there is a highly innovative approach: The energy supply is provided by a light-current adapter plate in the table legs. From there on, the power passes onto a multifunction rail, which connects all devices without using visible cables. An on-and-off switch activates the desk and connects the workplace with the smoke detectors, lound speakers and the BUS systems.