PUR lighting systems for Artemide

Freudenberg, Germany

In cooperation with light planners, architects and electrical-system planners, PUR was designed for one of the most renowned lighting manufacturers Artemide as a new lighting system based on LED technology which can fulfill all lighting tasks: in the home, at the workplace, or as lighting for hallways and other public areas in daily life.
PUR is clear and timeless in its design. Its flat light disc consists of brushed aluminum, or, alternatively, is coated on both sides with white Corian, using stainless-steel edging for protection from damage. The frosted glass and metal surfaces give the lamps a light and elegant appearance, while their minimal construction height makes it seem as if PUR was floating in the air.
The LED luminescent head of the lamp rotates around two axes and fits into a slender aluminum pipe, so that it may be used with a wide range of other office or residential furnishing as a floor or auxiliary lamp.
PUR is deliverable in 3000 K, and is made of white, powder-coated or unwrought aluminum. It can be steplessly dimmed via a touch-sensitive surface; a loudspeaker function is also integrated into the luminescent head.