BAIC – Headquarters Beijing Automotive R&D Center

Beijing, China

The new headquarters for BAIC is situated right next to Beijing International Airport and will provide new offices, lab spaces, design studios and manufacturing areas for more than 2.700 company members.
The streamline building is based on a very clear and functional diagram. Visitors and employees enter the building from the south through a 3-storeyed impressive entrance hall, to the left large conference facilities are located, to the right a restaurant provides more than 2.700 menues per day.
After the entrance hall and in the centre of the building a circular showroom is open to the public.
Here the company can exhibit their latest products, in-house fairs can be organized or large receptions and premiers can be arranged.
Further to the north the assembly and manufacturing areas are arranged. All offices are located in the upper floors and have good lighting conditions through large windows and glazed atria.
The building skin is clad in shiny metal just like a beautiful bodywork of a car and makes the building an icon of the BAIC core competences visible for many thousands of people from afar.