CATARC Corporate Headquarters

Tianjin, China

„The Terrace“
The new CATARC headquarters building in Tianjin represents the corporate focus on innovation, state of the art technology and ecological awareness.
The GKK-design is for two H-shape office buildings, whose central segment successively recede, just like a rice paddy along the mountain slopes. Inside the buildings these receding levels create a unique space in the form of a pagoda.
Within and outside the building all terraces have intensive garden landscaping and create a work environment where energy efficiency and environmental consciousness are central.
Skylights enable light to flow down to the lowest levels creating a vibrant work environment within for all the streamlined offices.
Workplace comfort and enviromental quality are presented in a collection of compact office areas placed along the facades whereas generous communication areas for team meetings, informal discussions and breaks are located around the Atrium.
Narrow bridges with glass balustrades through the atrium connect all office areas and provide easy access. Natural stone floors, wooden surfaces, noise insulating carpets and bamboo islands create an innovative organic enviroment and enhance workplace wellbeing.