SVOLT Technology Centre

Wuxi, China

The new SVOLT Headquarters east of Shanghai is located on the campus of SVOLT Technology Center also designed by GKK. It is equipped with the latest technology and sets new standards of office communication.
Right next to the Campus entrance the 6 storeyed rectangular building provides office space for more than 2000 workers, unfolding like a landscape around a central lift core. It is covered with a transparent glass façade which incorporates the ventilation system.
Cut out of the buildings main body a series of opposing two storey triangular Loggias open the building mass and provide gardens and terraces, allowing the daylight to flow into the large structure.
The outdoor space offers a visual delight with the Loggias lush gardens and terraces offering open spaces for breaks and meetings. The yellow ceilings of the Loggias pays tribute to the Chinese tradition in recognising it as a signal of sophistication, authority and responsibility.
The interior with its intelligent technology and adjustable workspaces provides a flexible and a collaborative environment supporting a dynamic work environment.