Floating Homes

Marmara Coast


Only 30% of the earth’s surface consists of land, which is an ever more valuable resource, in view of the rapid growth of the world population. Where will future generations find room for their houses? The method used throughout the modern era, that of wresting ever more land from the sea at great expense in energy, is reaching its limits. For thousands of years, people have been building in and above the water which covers 70% of the Earth’s surface. That’s reason enough to explore new paths and to develop new forms of building on the water.
Together with a major shipbuilder, we’ve developed the floating home, a modular system of houses on the water which are very mobile and variably usable for residence, work and recreation. Based on the logistical transportation unit of the container, variable connectable steel modules are designed which are easily translocatable, and can open up new space for new activities on the water. The floating home is not limited to its function as a houseboat, but rather makes new apartments, recreational facilities and even offices possible on beaches and shorelines worldwide, for which, according to Scandinavian market analysts, a great demand exists in such locations as the Sea of Marmara near Istanbul, Florida, or Crimea. With integrated energy concepts which use the virtually unlimited resources water and wind, the concept of the floating home is an answer to the major challenges of the 21st century.