The Schwerin Residential Park

Schwerin, Germany

Between the trees of an orchard on Neumühle Lake, about three km away from the center of Schwerin, twenty-eight buildings with a total of 245 residential units were built in two construction phases.
The buildings of the first construction stage in the south are oriented towards the course of the sun as semicircles, each including individually designed residential yards of two-and-a-half storeys.
In contrast to the original stipulations of the construction plan, it seemed important to create clearly identifiable units facing one another and promoting a feeling of community among the residents.
In the north, the second construction stage, defines a powerful structural edge toward the main road, and opens southward, toward the sun and the greenery through greater building heights.
The individual floor plans of the residential houses are designed with a clear linear zoning. All residential rooms face toward the south or west. The apartments can be expanded vertically to create duplex apartments or even three-story residential units, and thus, due to their high flexibility, permit high-quality residential conceptions.