Jean-Monnet 2 – Administration Building for the European Commission

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Between Boulevard Konrad Adenauer and Rue Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, a comb structure precisely reflects the alignments of the Kirchberg district, and thus creates a clearly structured building shape. A rectangular atrium, as a magistral, provides extremely efficiently access to all areas, and space for well-illuminated and naturally ventilated offices of continuously equal quality. City loggia and beautifully designed gardens impart rhythm to these compact structures and offer pleasing views of the green space. The individually designed gardens provide significant opportunities to employees, such as discussions with colleagues, or a break outdoors.
Visitors and staff enter the ensemble via a spacious, square plaza between the two building segments, Plaza Jean Monnet. A transparent glass roof over this plaza creates a pleasant wind and weather-protected outdoor space. Along its edges are such public usages as shops, cafés and restaurants, which make the plaza a favorite meeting place around the clock.
Through a generously glazed public entrance hall with attractive uses, employees arrive at three security check points, where they pass through a security gate, and on into a bright atrium, which, as a magistral, connects the two halves of the comb structure like a spine.
The elevators to the upper floors are arranged along the magistral so as to be clearly visible. The orientation is clear and unmistakable. All offices are connected with one another by the shortest possible routes, and at every location provide the same high ambient quality.
Special use areas, such as the library and cafeteria, are located to the left and right of the magistral. Air wells allow a good and even illumination with daylight, and make a direct connection to the surrounding open space. The extensive structure also extends to the first underground level, and even here still provides well illuminated areas, with a view to the outdoors.
The ensemble also meets the highest demands for sustainability! Both in its efficient structure and in its operative performance throughout its entire life cycle, the BREEAM Standard “excellent” will be over-fulfilled. The gracious, reserved façade is timelessly elegant and also highly innovative: with slender ashlar pilaster strips, box windows and comfort wings, it provides maximum user comfort. The façade is heat insulated and sound absorbent, and, with modern nano-technology, self-cleaning, and capable of catalytically binding nitrogen from the air. Thus, it makes an active contribution to improving our environment.