PACT Home – The Administration and Training Building of a Media Agency

Munich, Germany

The constitutive elements on the site are the much-traveled Donnersberg Bridge and the smokestack of the former cogeneration station and adjoining brick building, in which a theater is to be housed.
The design, with its cubic form as if formed in a wind tunnel, responds to the dynamic of the adjacent major road. The cube, with its streamlined curves and its interesting play with the lines of the ceiling edges, reflects the speed of the adjacent flow of traffic.
The building is terraced upward towards the smokestack, and develops a spatially fascinating relationship with this striking building element. On opening a window from the office, one discovers a terrace, from which the chimney is almost “close enough to touch.”
The new structure and the existing brick building enter into a dialogue, and then into a symbiosis. An atrium lies between the two buildings, which the media agency uses as a auditorium, and which can be used as needed for exhibitions and events.
Between the buildings, a restaurant is located on the ground floor, which can be used by both the visitors to the theater and the employees of the media agency.