FANUC Robotics France, Hauptverwaltung

Paris, France

The project of FANUC Robotics was designed to meet global standards. The Japanese enterprise, worldwide leaders in the field of automation, asked for more than just a concept for their new French Administration Headquarters. In order to comply with the demand for global business representation an intelligent systems solution was called for. The concept should follow their business philosophy of “perpetual motion“ and at the same time a variation in scale according to local requirements should be made possible.
The company’s Corporate Identity was described as modern, functional and open. These terms were transferred to the architectural design with precision and efficiency. This pilot scheme is based on the idea of three “tracks“ of variable height and length representing the company’s three main areas of business.
Located in the district of Lisses close to Evry in the south of Paris Airport the first track runs from the east to the west. The light-weight support-free southern track accommodates demonstration and modification sections. Multi-level store room facilities, training and administration areas are to be found on the northern track. Running between the two latter tracks, the first serves as a connecting development and supply track.
With its smooth shimmering silver aluminum shell, large glass areas and the appliance of yellow as the company’s colour the building makes for a striking event visible from afar. Its interior is used as a representative showroom. The halls’ contours and the rolled-steel joist support structures were developed together with the brilliant engineer Jörg Schlaich. These features follow directly the laws of the distribution of force. It’s an elegant solution using only a minimum of materials.