Great Wall R&D-Center – UrbanDesign

Pinghu, China

Far from a conventional campus, the new GWM Motors R&D center provides an open and inspiring working atmosphere where teamwork and cooperation are connected to a new a commercial development containing club house, a large retail center, conference areas, as well as external offices.
It is designed as a network of buildings with efficient office, lab and testing areas surrounded by water and green areas. Its workplace design allows for dynamic knowledge processes such as innovation, creativity, co-operation and team spirit.
Therefore, the drivers of the master plan concept for the new GWM Motors R&D center are born from the idea of a modern network of knowledge combined with nonlinear dynamics in connected spaces.
This allows for a flexible spatial and temporal synchronization of all team members as needed.
The main principles are:
Hard, constructed edges along the main streets.
Soft development and greenery along the waterways in the center.
The use of water ways and green areas as a connection between the public points of interest.