GAEI Headquarters – Automotive R&D Centre

Guangzhou, China

With the signing of the contract on January 26, 2010, GKK+Architects has been awarded another major project in China, after the main BAIC corporate headquarters in Beijing. Now, the Guangzhou Automotive Engineering Institute (GAEI) is to build its new Automotive Technology Research & Development Centre on the banks of the Pearl River in Panyu County, Guangzhou Province, with some 150,000 sq. m. of useful area.
The main R&D tasks conducted by the GAEI will include passenger vehicle platforms for own-brand cars, advanced powertrains, automotive key assemblies and components, as well as the development of high/advanced automotive technologies and new models.
The GAEI R&D Centre will house both the headquarters and all R&D activities, and will be completed by 2011. It will provide state of the art office and work space for more than 1000 engineers.
Streamlined and clad in pearl white enameled steel, with large seamless glass areas, the building will make a strong statement, and convey an image of advanced automotive expertise, technical precision and creativity – from its dynamic shape down to the last detail.