NOVOTEL Accor Airport Hotel

Munich, Germany

The new hotel is designed as a clearly square structure with an interior courtyard and very clear, calm proportions, placed on the flat, smooth surface of the forecourt. Its appearance is noble and restrained, and, with its bright, white-silvery color and material design, well integrated into the synthesis of the Munich Airport.
The façade is functional and technically grounded, horizontally stratified with flush-installed window hinges – but pleasantly, befitting a hotel.
All service functions, including the administration, the kitchen and the storeroom, are located in the eastern sector, away from the forecourt, where they do not interfere with customer operations. The hotel storeys above the service functions are organized around a well proportioned inner courtyard. All rooms are brightly lit, and have openable window wings. As a room type, the standard Chambre Novation has been selected. The rooms in the area of the recesses have been adapted to this standard in accordance with the situation.
Above the entrance, in the area of the recessed first upper storey, a crew lounge is planned. Here, crew members can refresh themselves or relax, without regard for the time or for regular hotel operations.
The upper recessed area on the east side is to be used similarly, in accordance with its situation. Here, in the third upper storey, is the airport lounge, a highlight of the airport! With its generous terrace, the lounge will provide an impressive view of the airfi eld, the control tower and the terminals, day and night. At night, one can enjoy the lights of the runway and the buildings over a drink, and watch the airplanes take off and land.
The hotel uses the airport as an exclusive feature.
The modernity and technology of the entire airport is mirrored in the precision of the metallic, silvery white façade and the continual flush window hinges. On the one hand functionally and technically grounded, it is at the same time of pleasantly clear design, due to its fi ne horizontal line play and the transparent glass surfaces. A colored grid of little points of light covers the body of the building like a fi ne net; they come on at dusk, and make the hotel glow in the dark.