Hydropolis Landstation

Qingdao, China

Hydropolis is an advanced building concept developing luxury underwater hotels which will be realised worldwide in specifically chosen waterside cities such as Dubai, Monaco Sydney and Qingdao/China.
The first project will be realized in China. The spectacular coastline of Quingdao has been chosen as an important location because the sailing race of the 2008 Olympic games will take place here and is already initiating several important developments.
The land station as seen on the perspectives, is the first building phase incorporating the reception, the entrance and lounge for the underwater hotel, own restaurants, a shopping arcade as well as luxury housing at the waterfront and in the tower.
The building itself can be entered from the landside as well as from the water. Once within the building a luxury shuttle will take the hotel guests under water.
The buildings architecture shows its dynamic potential and portraits its continuous horizontal and vertical movement and reminds with the partly perforated facade of an organic skin.